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Carrier Class Colocation for Mission-Critical Equipment

Electric Lightwave’s (ELI) colocation service provides wholesale customers with space and power to place equipment in a secure, network rich environment. By locating your equipment in our facility, you can easily access our services and distribute them seamlessly to your customers. You also have direct access to ELI’s long haul and metropolitan networks in the western and mid-western United States.  ELI has several colocation options available for our wholesale customers including carrier hotels, carrier class colocation space, and space along our long haul fiber network.

Electric Lightwave Colocation Map

Colocation is an affordable solution for service providers who desire to offer services, such as Internet access or managed hosting services, to customers from a location with access to highly networked locations on a major telecommunications node.  ELI’s carrier class colocation services also provide a seamless way to extend your network with ELI’s access to high capacity networks and extensive Internet connectivity and peering arrangements.  Telecom providers may tap into Integra’s voice and other services more readily by colocating.

Electric Lightwave has additional services to enhance your colocation service requirements: