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Dedicated Internet Access

Electric Lightwave's Nx 10Gbps Internet backbone provides high speed and diversely-routed connections delivering the highest levels of quality and reliability.

Intelligent routing for optimum traffic flow

The ELI network was designed on fully redundant Carrier Class MPLS-based Ethernet Routers. Our backbone is optimized to provide you with direct low-latency links to many of the largest Internet content providers with the fewest networks hops possible. The ELI network is built for the future, with IPv6 natively supported as well as plenty of capacity for your bandwidth needs.

We're ahead of you by 50%

Most other providers over-subscribe their networks, but we constantly monitor ours to forecast potential congestion. Our network is fully managed to maintain peak bandwidth utilization of 50% at all times. When traffic approaches that figure, we build more capacity.

Failure is not an option

The Electric Lightwave network offers unsurpassed performance and reliability. We have Core POPs with dual fully redundant Cisco routers in Seattle, Portland, Billings, Sacramento, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, Reno, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Denver, Chicago, Dallas, and Minneapolis. All Core POPs are diversely routed on Nx10 Gigabit rings. Our IP backbone uses our 400Gbps DWDM ring to provide our customers with the fault-tolerant service they expect.

Value-added services

We provide primary and secondary domain name service, IP addressing, managed router service, and news server access to minimize hassle and capital expenditure for our ISP customers.

Network highlights:

Available access types:

Routing protocols supported:

Whether you do business directly on the Internet or simply use it in support of your company's core activities, a failure or even a slowdown in the delivery of crucial information can cost you valuable time and money. Electric Lightwave keeps the currency flowing, with a network and services that are unsurpassed for speed and reliability. Call us today for more information or to talk to an account representative.

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